Thankful Thursday. 30 Days of Gratitude. November always brings an abundant amount of social media appreciation. While that all sounds very warm and fuzzy, and I have a lot to be thankful for, let’s be quite frank, I missed almost an entire month of blogging, so this repetitive gratitude isn’t likely happening. So Thankful Random Monday it is.

1. Egg Rolls for Thanksgiving. Like most divorced families, Mark and I alternate holidays with our exes. This year it lines up that we have all of our kids, which means if we don’t hit up both sets of grandparents with their precious grandchildren who they missed last Thanksgiving, we may be banished for life. That translates to a day sitting around the kitchen table in York, Pa., with my entire family—from my 3-year-old niece to my parents—rolling my mother’s famous egg rolls. Nothing says Thanksgiving to me like making fun of the white people who have invaded my Asian family as they try to roll an egg roll.

2. Ethan’s Birthday. The first year Adam and I were separated, we lived in different parts of the house for months. As Ethan’s 2nd birthday drew closer, I was in the middle of putting all my life’s belongings into boxes and sealing them with tape and some hard-fought tears. In between trying to figure out how much to let go, we decided to throw Ethan a small birthday party together. That first joint birthday party wasn’t easy. The minute the last guest left, I walked to my new apartment to put down a security deposit to the first place I would ever live alone.

Six years later, Ethan’s birthday is a whole weekend bash. We throw two parties, one for Ethan’s friends and one for ourselves. My entire family comes into town. My incredible former mother-in-law flies in from Rhode Island. Adam and I invite all of our GW friends. Michelle and I leave out her logistically challenged husband and partner to work out all the details like a well-oiled machine. This year we topped it off with a new tradition where Mark, Avery, Ethan, Adam, Michelle, Hailey and I headed to a small dinner together as one family.

3. No Penises. (Don’t worry. This is family blog, I promise.) You’ve read about the great conversations I have been privy to during my frequent treks to and from Soccer Academy over the last 8 weeks. A couple weeks ago, the three boys wanted to open all the windows and scream “PENISES” to random Arlington strangers. Last Monday, however, they only wanted to yell “Hi!” at people. For that, I am most thankful.