Breyer, Totenberg
Some people wait in line for tickets to see the latest Star Wars movie. Others sit hovering by a computer ready to pounce the second Jay Z tickets go online. Me? Today I hustled in my fuchsia sheath work dress to the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue by 5:25 p.m. for a 7 p.m. show featuring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. And I wasn’t alone.

I was number 12 in line standing along the gate waiting for the doors to open. But as the clock ticked by, dozens of other Breyer groupies (maybe I’m the only one who categorizes myself like that) joined me to hear him speak with NPR’s Nina Totenberg about his latest book, The Court and the World: American Law and the New Global Realities.

You see, I’ve got this little crush. My boyfriend Mark calls it somewhat creepy. “Seriously, it’s not healthy” were his exact words.

The build up to the event this week was intense. Breyer on Colbert. Breyer on the Diane Rehm Show. Okay, intense is a strong word, but when your crush is a Supreme Court justice who isn’t exactly a tabloid staple, you take what you can get.

I’ve seen him speak four times before (groupie really is a spot-on description). This time though I’d get a quick face to face and a scribble of his John Hancock. Tween squeal worthy moment, I argue. It’s my Justin Timberlake. And I brought a lawyer friend…just in case.

“Just so you know, I’m not barred in DC,” she reminded me days earlier should I choose to throw myself at him. She promises only to take a quick selfie before bailing me out. My other friend who is covering the event as a reporter promised not to take pictures if I get escorted out for professing my love. True friends.

Later we find a seat front and center (first row behind the reserved spots!) and at 7 p.m., Justice Breyer and Totenberg are introduced. For an hour they talk about globalization and the law while I swoon from my seat. At the end, we are ready for the book signing.

Number 12 in line gets me ahead of the crush of lesser groupies. I placed my book on his desk. Our eyes met and locked. “My boyfriend jokingly complains that my photo of you in my office is bigger than his.” (It’s true. It is bigger.) He laughed out loud. I’m fairly certain he felt something between us. Hopefully it wasn’t panic.

Breyer autograph

Legal Disclaimer: I’ve been advised to note that this crush is innocent. Please don’t flag me.