Instagram DMTonight I was sitting at the dinner table with the teen and Ethan, talking about their days at school, homework assignments and the upcoming Homecoming dance. Avery then started talking about this girl he’s been chatting with.

“I’ve been sliding into her DM. Mad hard.”

Excuse me? I know we have a great rapport. I might even go as far as to say we’re close. But this was a bit too much. And with the 7-year-old at the table!

Pulling out my incredible journalism skills (translation: stop panicking and ask a calm question as to not raise suspicion), I said, “Slide into her DM? What does that mean?” (See, stellar investigative journalism.)

And that answer is today’s Dank Dictionary entry.

slide into DM

verb \slīd • in(t)o͞o  • D • M\

  1. send a direct message to a friend or even random stranger <I didn’t know her, but she slid into my DM on Instagram.>

That’s the only definition I’ve got for you, but it’s good to know should you catch this phrase in passing and worry relations are ensuing. They are not. They are simply interacting on social media forums in private, but of course, not face-to-face. That would be awkward.

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